1220 Lexington Avenue | Upper East Side, NYC | Overall
1220 Lexington Avenue | Upper East Side, NYC | Detail of Sing Sing Marble

Facade Restoration & Repair | 1220 Lexington Avenue | Upper East Side, NYC | 1880

Masonry structure with marble façade above the storefront

Originally constructed as three individual homes within a single structure, the building was well-known after its construction for its choice of a marble facade rather than brownstone, which was typical of the time period.  In 1923, the bottom two floors were built out with beige brick with large storefront windows and the three houses were merged into a single building for commercial and residential use.

Kamen Tall Architects conducted the street façade restoration along with repair work to the non-street facing elevations. The scope of work included cleaning of the existing marble façade, stone repointing, marble patching, and wood window rehabilitation. The side elevation repair work included cracked brick repair, repointing, wood window rehabilitation, and wall preparation and application of a protective masonry coating.