Albert Goodman Plaza | Bronx | aerial view of complex
Albert Goodman Plaza | Bronx | “before” condition
Albert Goodman Plaza | Bronx | completed
Albert Goodman Plaza | Bronx | completed work, including newly clad parapet

Facade Restoration & Repair | Albert Goodman Plaza | Bronx

Structural masonry block with brick cladding

Albert Goodman Plaza, located in the heart of the South Bronx, is a complex of four low rise, subsidized residences. Exhibiting unsafe conditions, the project required full architectural inspections and exterior specifications for repair. Due to budget limitations, creative project phasing and structural solutions were employed to meet the client’s needs as well as perform necessary repairs. Scope of work included brick repair, mortar repointing, cost efficient parapet repair, and structural retying of the brick cladding to the structural masonry block.