Historic Preservation

When working with buildings of architectural and historic significance, attention to detail for the building’s original design intent must be taken. With extensive knowledge of the importance of craftsmanship, materials and building technologies no longer practiced in contemporary construction, our office’s approach to historic preservation necessitates close communications with owners, contractors and craftsmen to retain as much of the original fabric as possible. By providing high quality, creative and carefully constructed preservation solutions, we ensure our buildings will retain their significance for future generations.

Led by principal Joanne Tall, whose historic preservation efforts have won numerous awards. Joanne’s attention to detail, years of professional experience, and creative solutions in rehabilitating the built environment is the foundation of the firm’s historic preservation directives.

With a passion for the built environment, we provide services that best suit each project. Our firm specializes in historic research, local and national landmarks, state and federal tax credits, and comprehensive architectural preservation, rehabilitation & conservation.